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Reply to "Monitor your DSR Rating"

Originally posted by member_8880:
Overall I'm pretty happy with my DSRs (so far).
But a newbie just gave me a neutral because her item 'smelled a little smoky'. I live with bikers for goodness sake, they smoke & so do I and it says so in all my listings...nobody reads anymore, and new members just don't know any better.

I'd be happy with those DSR numbers you have too. They're very high. But don't you feel like a 2nd class citizen since you're not an elitist (PS) and get no discounts? Don't you feel you deserve a discount given your feedback and DSR? Yea, thought so.

Regarding your "smoking disclaimer", yes, I see it, but you have it in much smaller type. I suggest you make it the same sized type as the rest of the listing and reword it slightly, also a different color as it blends into some of your background colors.

Oh, and people don't read. I've known that for years. There are quite a number of bidders who bid on picture only, and don't bother to read the listing.
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