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Reply to "Monitor your DSR Rating"

Buyers have no reason or incentive to leave, let alone consider a valid DSR rating for a seller, and quite a few will not even leave feedback.

It is down to the luck of the draw and probably down to the type and age group of your buyers to whether they will leave a realsitic rating for you.

Yes, this is a bitter pill to swallow considering that the greedbay is the judge, jury and executioner and use the DSRs to cripple your search rating and can even execute your livelihood without consultation.

The final salt rub is that the wording used to describe the star rating to a buyer is woefully inappropriate to all but the experienced seller who buys. Frown

edit :-
I have a 100% positive feedback score

Yes, leaving positives and dinging your stars is apparently the way some buyers complain (stab in the back technique), will this change when sellers can no longer neutral or neg ?
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