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Reply to "Monitor your DSR Rating"

Originally posted by watrocket:
Personally, I feel that they are a bit of a farce. I know that these are now being used to filter out "bad" eBayers from eBays search engine, but to me anyway, they don't accurately tell the storey.

I have been selling empty ink cartridges for a while now, and it baffles me that I would only be rated 4.8 for "Item as described". They're empty!! What more would one have expected?

4.6 for "communication". If you ask a question, I answer it. I always let you know the item has been shipped and I always say, "thanks", after all of my auctions. Again I ask, what more was expected??

"Shipping time", 4.5. You pay me today, the label goes on tonight and it is in the mail the next morning. I clearly state to allow 2 days with the exception of weekend and holidays, which just for the record, I still make the time to slap that label on and walk to the mail box. What more do they expect??

Lastly, and this one irks me the most, "Shipping and handling charges",4.4. Again let me say that all my auctions CLEARLY state what the shipping costs are. If you think that they are too high, don't bid!

I represent my auctions clearly, accurately and fairly. I also state that if there are any concerns to contact me. No one ever does. As of this post, I have a 100% positive feedback score and have never had anyone ever contact me with any remorse, in fact most praise the speed to which their items arrive, how well they're packed, good communication, state just as describbed, and still these stupid ratings. I don't get it.

I guess I could only out do myself by beaming them the item, just like in Star Trek, and pay the for the postage instead of collecting S/H and call them after each bid, it might help. But lets face it, that ain't gonna happen!

Ditto for me, except my DSR scores are a little better. What I think is so unfair is how long it takes to improve your DSR score. When this new DSR went into effect, I know many buyers had no idea how much this affects our business. Ebay should have allowed time for this new policy to become familiar to all ebayers. If you got a couple of average scores in the very beginning you are screwed! Jeanie B

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