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Reply to "Monitor your DSR Rating"

Conversely, now I have 100% positive, as the negs I got years and years ago are gone. I sort of like that, I never liked 99.7% ;-)

I respectfully suggest you do the math on yourself as of now.

Your 12 month count is now 188, not 1167.

If you get one negative or one neutral now, here's what happens: 188/189 = 99.5%. One negative AND one neutral: 188/190 = 98.9%. How about 3 neutrals: 188/191 = 98.4%

Gee, drops fast, eh?

Welcome to the new math.

Go to your feedback page and roll your mouse cursor over the "[How is Feedback Percentage calculated?]" link.

Good luck in the new world of eBay.
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