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Reply to "move current listings to auctiva temp"

Unfortunately we don't have a way to revise your active listings through auctiva yet.

However, you can still add an auctiva template to a running eBay auction by editing the saved ad on our site and select the template you want. Then save it and go to the saved listings page. At the top of this page is a button to "Get HTML". Select your listing and click this button. Copy the HTML from the window that pops up, and go to eBay and revise that listing. Replace your entire description with that HTML you copied.

Hope that helps,
Auctiva David

I found it in another thread. Basically - you should be able to import your listings into auctiva if they aren't already. Edit them to use a different template and save.
Then from your saved listings page, select the listing and click on the GET HTML link.
Copy the HTML.
Go into eBay and revise the lisitng - and delete the html that is already there and replace it with the new HTML.
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