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Need Suggestions Please

Howdy Ho Folks!!! Hope all is well with everyone and your all selling like hot cakes, Wink.

Well I do believe I will be closing my ebay store, I'm still not in a house yet and nearly 99% of my ebay stuff is sitting in a storage. Not to mention some dingy blond (sons girlfriend) went and packed my camera and has no idea in which of the 100 plus boxes she packed it in. (I'm still steaming over this one) But mostly because I see Ebay falling on their faces over the lastest fee hike and need to venture out finally so I've decided to OPEN a ECRATER store.

My question is (finally I know) Cool Right now I'm just going to be selling my Neck Coolers and I'm wondering if I should open a store just for neck coolers (pet coolers to be added before next summer)? Or should I keep my ebay store name and sell the a variety of stuff once I get my camera unpacked? Is having one store better then having several?
One last question, if I do (or if you guys decide for me, lol) that I open a store for coolers what should I name it? Angel's Neck Coolers? I will keep my ebay store name if I decide to open a general ecrater store.

Thanx in advance for your priceless input!!!

Smile Smile Smile
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