Reply to "Need the community's selling advice"

Change the note to read:
Included with the winning auction is the the gift receipt from Best Buy. I've doublechecked with Best Buy (and would advise you to do the same) and whomever the winning bidder is may exchange the games to suit their own taste.

I searched through completed as it's always where I get my best tips, starting prices, titling and more.

Note: Take the coma's out of your title...ALWAYS!(even though the one below has comma's, it sold for $1525.00)

When you use comma's in your takes the place of viable letters for longer descriptions.

Title below for a sold unit that went for 1525.00.

Microsoft Xbox 360 - Premium bundle + lots of extras!!
Xtra wireless controller, Kameo Game, rdy 2 ship w/rcpt

Completed auction:

My best!
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