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Reply to "Need your opinions about logos!"

Originally posted by Magie Noire:
Forget about predesigned, I'm having one custom designed.

My choice with a reasonable price.

Recently, I had a bad experience with a template seller who wanted to charge me $25 to recolor a topper. I couldn't believe it. I recolored said topper several times within a 2 minute period. I could have recolored 100's in an hour. Anyway, for those who don't know, $25 to recolor a topper is such a bargain but for those of us who do, we feel scammed.

I would prefer a custom logo at a reasonable price.

(Hi from me too!)

Gonna play devil's advocate here...

Depending on how something is done, recoloring something can be a PITA. I make a lot of my stuff in a way that it isn't too much trouble to change colors...but if it's all feathered or something it can be.

Design services seem to go pretty cheap on ebay. I don't know any local designers who charge less than $20/hr and those are the more affordable ones. Many people/places around here charge $50-75/hr. (sometimes even more!) And many designers have a minimum to make something worth their while. So your designer may have been quoting $25 as a minimum, or might charge customers $50/hr for custom work, and might figure by the time they email back and forth a little, dig up the original file you wanted, make the changes, plug it into the template, email you, etc. they might have 20-30 minutes of their time into it. Also if someone wants something done that involves an expensive program not everyone has, it doesn't matter if the task itself took 5 minutes; you're also chipping in toward the program and the hours of practice that made that person able to do that so quickly.

On ebay if you charge $25 for a custom logo, it's high, but that's a STEAL for offline work.

I'm struggling with myself somewhat that I'm trying to put my graphics and photo skills to use in another way, and I hate to give myself almost nothing for my time/talent, but I want to generate some sales too.

If I sell the same designs more than once, I can lower my prices on those some, and maybe generate more sales. I don't want to give away one of a kind work, but I don't want to make it and have it sit forever either.

(She says, her wallet still smarting from her latest software upgrades.)

I know there are other designers on here too and I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes. I'm hoping to get a better fix on what people want so I have a better idea of how to offer things.
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