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Reply to "Need your thoughts on customs forms....."

Originally posted by marciay96:
So, I have an international buyer who has agreed to purchase a store item. They sent me a request for an invoice to get the shipping costs and they are requesting that I put a MUCH lower value on the custom's form that what I am selling the item for. (ITem is selling at $42.99 and they want me to list $20). I do understand about duty and customs fees and know that they will get hit with these. WHen I worked at an eBay drop off store in NY, our policy was to state the sale price on the forms and this policy was stated in our auctions. Now that I am on my own in NC and working on a much smaller scale, I did not have this in the listing (I guess I was hoping this would not come up).
SO how do you all handle these types of requests? I really do not want to make this person upset but this just has always been a policy in my previous work and in my head. Any thoughts on how to handle this one would be greatly appreciated. I have done quite a bit of international business here on my own and this is the first to come up for me on this subject.
Thanks again!

I have refused to do this the many times it's been requested.

Yes, it does make them angry and Yes, I wish they would ask before bidding and winning. And Yes, the majority of the persons ended up not paying for the auction and were rude/cursing in their response emails to me.

I always, ALWAYS forward this information over to eBay US and eBay whatever country they belong to.

It's just wrong in so many ways to falsify information on the customs form. I'm sure if I had ever done this, it would jump back and bite me in the arse just sure as I'm typing this.

You're doing the right thing..just go with your gut feeling on this and don't let your customer bully you into doing something you don't want.

Normally the reporting took care of the situation.

Good Luck,
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