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Reply to "Network With Other Sellers Auction Sellers Motivators"

ASM was private for well over a year and by invitation only.

The decision to go public had to do with the OTWA closing.

We're hoping to give the OTWA members a new home and busy "rearranging the furniture" so to speak....thus the reason for registration only till our ducks are in a row.

We've almost tripled our membership in the week since we began opening the doors of ASM. Not bad and I'm pretty proud of that fact.

You're right...Nobody can speak freely on the eBay boards without getting pink-slapped or your ID noted..and I don't want any of my IDs noted.

That's why forums like the ASM are important for ecommerce sellers.

Suggestion from me is to consider joining if only to keep an eye on the owners of other third party companies that have joined. (if you catch my drift)

Continued Success wished your way,
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