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Reply to "New Image Uploader Sneak Peak! Beta Testers Needed!"

Originally posted by 1984vtg:
I uploaded 316 photos today which took 1 hour and 10 minutes start to finish. Seems slow but not sure if its my end or Auctivas. Took 15 minutes to prepare the pictures for upload.At least i didn't have to keep adding the next 40 as usual but i think i would have got the 316 up in half the time doing it the old way.

Anyone else found it that slow?

Hi 1984vtg,
Could you provide us with the average size of the images you are uploading? Large batches can take longer (depending on internet connection speed and your own computer's capabilities).

Unlike the current Aurigma uploader, the new uploader works within your browser, so we don't have much control over how fast it will work from one person to the next (though we tried to identify as many possible trouble spots when building it to minimize issues.)

Thanks for your input!
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