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Reply to "New Image Uploader Sneak Peak! Beta Testers Needed!"

Originally posted by ed neff:
where will the old link be placed for us dinosaurs?

thank you

Hi Ed,

I'll post this in a more prominent location later, but here is the link to the Aurigma uploader

Folks can also request the link via customer support, though we aren't able to support the Aurigma uploader for too much longer. Google is set to disable Chrome's ability to run Java plug-ins in April of this year (unless a user knows how to fiddle with their browser settings to allow it.)

We were able to build a 2nd version of the new uploader (for people who have trouble with it) that you can also try. It will automatically load if it detects that someone is using IE 9 or older, old versions of Safari on Snowleopard, old old versions of firefox Wink , etc.

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