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New Multi Account Plan - Policy change?

I've previously been able to add/remove accounts if for say you decide to stop selling on one of your accounts, but open up another ebay. It appears now you can't remove any of the 2 additional accounts you added and replace them. So essentially let me get this straight.

Account A = Main Unlimited
Account B = #2
Account C = #3

I decide i wanna stop selling on B , So i make a new ebay account and want to add that account to auctiva. So i message support.. Please remove Account "A" and add "Account D" for the last 2 years i've had no problem with support doing this. So this is no longer allowed? So essentially this means to solve this solution and do the exact same thing we're asking support to do. We must do.


Account D - Choose unlimited
Account B - Add to unlimited
Previous Main Account now becomes an additional multi plan account.

PLease tell me why we must go thru this hassle when support could just remove and replace...
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