Reply to "New Sales Page and Integrated Shipping Labels!"

Auctiva.. will write seperate here.. so Rebecca or others do not take as personal attack.

I am glad that changes are being made, (may or may not use but am sure others will).

However, this seems like a very large change, and would sure LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see some of the older functions that are NOT working properly addressed before huge new things are undertaken.

As some know I have some support and/or forum issues that have been outstanding for months now. It has been implied that these are not huge fixes so not sure what the very long hold up is. I feel I have gotten run around on these since it was blamed on ebay, ebay blamed auctiva and I was monkey in middle to find it is auctiva issue with something ebay did not communicate to them???

Am sure there are many others who would love to see some of the loose ebay ends and commerce ends tied up before totally new undertakings.

It is very frustrating to have to do go arounds, or totally back and re-fix listings later, because of glitches in auctiva system. Confused

I frankly would also love to see what the plan is since Auctiva unannounced the plan to intergrate with Amazon? Then said they were going to do other venues. I have asked about that for months now on forums and they are ignored.

Do not want to sound gripey, but do find this frustrating and hoping that changes are not only related to money auctiva gets for having these functions. Because in theory, we are paying for services that we are not getting???

IF this should be on another forum, please let me know which one and I will be happy to relist.

Thanks for a response auctiva on when we can expect some of the loose ends tied up and other things that have been advertised happening?

Thanks again
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