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Originally posted by iluv2golf:

The labels function seems like a good idea on the surface but I am wondering why I MUST pick a "special service" for all mail classes? I thought I would try it out and found my 1 ounce letter was going to cost 44¢ for the stamp and like $3.00 for Certified Mail. I don't want to certify it but I have to pick some extra service. It looks like that is the same for other mail classes also.

I certainly won't use it if I am forced to pay for services I do not wish to use. Maybe I am doing something wrong?



Hi Ron!
Delivery Confirmation is required for most services, which is free for Priority Mail (make sure the box isn't checked next to that service--we are working on that bug,) and a .19 fee for First Class, Media, Library and Parcel Post mail. The only exception is Express Mail.

If you chose "letter" as the package type, then the total rate you are seeing does include the cost of certified mail (which is required by the company we are integrated with for postage.) PayPal and eBay don't even offer the regular "letter" option, but it's here if you need it. For most packages or thick envelopes, you will need to use "package" as the package type. The only additional "special service" that is required for First Class packages is the delivery confirmation (which is also required through eBay/PayPal shipping.)

Thanks for looking at this and we appreciate hearing from you!
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