Reply to "New Sales Page and Integrated Shipping Labels!"

Originally posted by lookandbuyme:
Auctiva not sure where to put this, so will start new and put on new shipping announcement here and you can trash whichever it does not belong on.

Am not sending through support because they are sending form letters for everything right now about the outage, so would be waste of our time.

On the new Sale Page I can't help but notice that when you go to SALES FROM LAST_____ DAYS that that only goes up to 90 days where the old page shows Sales from last ______ days (you can put in 30,60, 90 ALL)

Since I quite frequently go to the old page to refresh my memory on if something sold or if I still have it does this mean that the old Sales Transaction Page is going to be zipped. If so please leave the new one at least at ALL!! This comes in very handy for some of us.

*** Also seems like in the sales drop down menu that some of the icons are gone?

Please do not do away with this page without changing new one to ALL DAYS.


Re the icons, all the functions from the old page should be possible using the new page. In some cases functionality may have been implemented in a different way than using an icon. If you have one in particular you are thinking of, let me know and we will tell you what we did.

Re access to older transactions data, yes, we are planning on giving access to older transactions. We are thinking about having the new page work with (up to) the most recent 120 days of transaction activity, and then having a separate page for viewing transactions older than that. We are not planning to do away with the old sales page until we have a new method for viewing the older data in place.
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