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New Saved Listing Page - New features on it???? Are you keeping old too???

I have used the new listing page for saved listings just to see what it was like and frankly am not a fan so far at ALL!! Sorry. .

Question, are there any new features on this page that the old one does not have? Seems to be same things just different set up. Of course, since I am not a fan I have not spent HUGE amounts of time line by line checking for new features.

BIGGEST are you going to do away with the old? I frankly LOVE the old, especially the way the file colors go over entire listing rather than the spec that shows now. I have most of my colors memorized with folder name and makes relisting much easier for me.

I hope we will be able to stay with the old if we love it or go to new if one loves it.

If you tell me new features I will be more than happy to try it some more, but figure if it is same as old, no sense changing for same things.

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