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Reply to "New Saved Listing Page - New features on it???? Are you keeping old too???"

Frankly, with all of the things that most who have posted hate, I don't know why the heck auctiva would spend precious $$$$ and time fixing the new page. Why not just make it simple and go back to the old??? (then IF necessary add whatever has been added, which I have YET to get answer on, to the old page). I do not mean make old like the new now. . I mean keep old and IF mandatory for whatever reason add things auctiva seems to think we can't live without.

Also, Auctiva if you are getting these complaints about the new page do you really want to go through this over and over when you do the other pages you propose to do????

If so, to me that is like shooting yourself in the leg over and over.

Again, I ask WHY were the changes made??? Why are we being forced to swallow something that was fine before, but now that we have the NEW AND IMPROVED people hate it?? Then going to be forced to suffer through same garbage a few more times to do active pages, etc.???? What is purpose and what are new features. I did find pop up for picture nice, but could live without that for sure, as once again, it is a pop up and with auctiva system slow that may slow things down more.

Auctiva, new features???? What is purpose of change? By not selling the new features by telling us what they are, WHY in the world would people even want to try it?? There is no incentive to try to even like it because NOT ONE PERSON with Auctiva has said, this is great, we put _________________________ on it that we did not have before???? I am beginning to wonder does anyone in Auctiva KNOW what the new and improved features are???
If so and mums the word, I am tired of the Where is Waldo???? This is Kind of like trying out a new car?? Why would I want to go to dealership and try a new car if it was worse than the one I have now AND sales person could not or would not tell me ONE thing that had improved over the one I have now after being asked repeatedly what has improved??? think I would just keep same old car.

Auctiva, I think (just my thought) that you should think long and hard about keeping this and trying to "fix" this product as we all know sometimes one fix leads to massive problems. Also on rolling out new areas that you plan to do this in. You seem to be shooting yourself in leg now and want to do it over and over???

Thanks for reading all of this. . I would love some well thought out changes (in other areas). but this seems to be something that may have been thought out at HAPPY HOUR on Friday afternoon. Believe me I have had those Happy Hour moments that later I thought. . what the heck was I thinking!

Anyone want to Play Where's Waldo this week-end and tell me changes???? Wink
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