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Reply to "New Saved Listing Page - New features on it???? Are you keeping old too???"

I hate to say this yellowfeather.. but Support the way to go?? IF you read my last responses back from support you would forget support, unless the support you use is different than mine. Smile Thing is if it is NOT on forums people are generally told "you are only one with that problem" It is browser, IP provider, cookies, cache, router. If it is not out in the open it gets filed with the only person with problem file.

In the open forums others can put their thoughts and we realize we are not the only one with problems.

Rolling this out without it being "NEW and IMPROVED" is almost as bad as the roll out of the shipping which was NOT ready when rolled out. It was outdated day it was released. Only difference, on that we could just look and stick with old postal service. On this we are being forced to take many steps to do go around a system they set up that is only calling misery and time delays for most of us. Especially during the holidays.

Auctiva.. how about reverting back until you have this NEW AND IMPROVED ready to launch.

Auctiva has acknowledged that there are issues and it may take time to fix this.. in meantime, I think they should just fix it back old way until they fully get it together.

I do find it strange that NOT ONE Auctiva person has said what the improvements are even though this has been asked many times. Do they know.. I am beginning to wonder????
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