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New Supersized Image Page--Feedback Needed

Hi Community,

With eBay's announcement that they will allow all sellers to use the optional eBay-hosted "gallery" images beginning in July at no additional cost, we thought it would be a good time to help our users showcase their items by introducing an updated version of our Supersized Image page.

Having the thumbnails of each image on the supersized page is important and a big improvement over our original page that only had numbers representing each image at the top. Also, navigation was a bit outdated with those big arrows. Did I mention the new page will have less advertising too?

As many of you may recall, a couple of years ago we had introduced a "new" Supersized Image page that wasn't very well received. Too many ads, the images weren't shown in their full "supersized" state and viewers had to click to see the full size, etc.... so here's how to see a preview of a revised version of our Supersized Image page:

1. You need to preview a listing in your Auctiva account or view one of your live listings on eBay.

2. Click on any of the images that have the "click to view supersized image" link below them in the description to open the image in your current supersized page.

3. In the URL, enter a 3 right after the "e" in (see pic). *If you are currently using our version 2 of the supersized page (with the black border) you will just need to replace the "2" after "showimage" with a "3".

This is not yet an option in your accounts and can only be viewed by entering the "3" as detailed above. Please let us know what you think of the new page. This is just one small project we are currently working on (we've got some biggies we must do for eBay!)

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