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Reply to "New Supersized Image Page--Feedback Needed"

Hi Rebecca,

I guess I was asleep at the wheel as I missed version 2. Some initial observations on #3:

I have never liked the mouse-over zoom feature to see a small magnified area (like in #2). I prefer to see the entire image with the options of Fit-to-Screen or 100%.

I do like the appearance of #3 over #1 with the ability to go directly to an image rather than selecting a number.

This might be just my personal preference but I like the black border in #2 as it gives some contrast. I usually shoot images on a white background and in #3 there is no border to speak of so I'm hit with a bright white blast on my 27" screen that is hard on these old eyes.

The bottom line is I do like Version 3 but would add at least an option for a border or something to break up the blast.

And I agree that there are way too many ads on Version #2.

Hopefully others will chime in with their preferences and ideas.

Thanks for asking.

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