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Originally posted by magsfiles:
Would you guys mind checking out mine also. Ebay is killing me and I have to get away from it.
Mother Earths Jewels

I also checked out your homepage, but didn't have time to look around at the rest of the site. As a buyer I REALLY like having the categories listed on the left hand side as you have done. Cool I don't have a lot of time on the internet and when I am looking for something, I like to be able to go right to the things that I am interested in.
My one suggestion would be to work on your header a bit more. Your name needs to be larger, and the empty blank needs filled in.

Congrats to all who are taking the step to do their own website. I will probably venture to do the same eventually, but have to have the time first! With six kids to take care of, it may be a little while Big Grin, as it is difficult enough to find the time to stock my eBay store and make stuff to keep putting in our local gift consignment store!

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