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Reply to "No Listings in Store Window"

I'm a newly registered user and suffering the same problems as everyone else..
Here's my comments for what they are worth...

It's a free service so just be a bit more generous & don't expect perfection for nothing.
There are probably more reliable services out there if you want to pay?
(Having said that, I don't know what Auctiva get out of this. They must make money out of it somehow?)

I work in IT support and unfortunately sometimes maint. just has to be done. There's never a good time to suit everyone (especially in a global environment !)

On that note, support staff usually only get complaints and queries. Hardly anybody ever phones or mails to say everything's great ;-)

For the short period of time I saw the auctiva store working, it was great. I'm new on Ebay too and sort of wary about all their fees so getting all these extras including a load of pictures of my stock on each item listing is a real bonus.

Downtime is inevitable. If you asked somebody if they would be happy with say 95% availability (very reasonable I would say for a free service ?) then most people would say great ! That equates to over 8 hours a week downtime ?

Well that's all for now. Hope you get the gremlins out of the system.

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