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Auctiva Tom~Mike~Jeff.......
We dicussed the cheap listing days before and there was a topic and discussion on making up fake listings and ending them right away to use later.
I've done this all along~~~but I do not sell that much. This worked for me all along with no problems.

Around a week ago or so, I noticed the revise page different but figured out how to go around it so this system still worked.

After listing tonight~~I found out by looking at my seller account~~that we no longer can do this!
Does anyone know what is going on?

Before I EVER did this, (listed like this) I spent hours reading Ebay rules and did not find anywhere where it stated that we could not revise in order to receive a relisting fee. Nor does it say that we HAVE TO relist the same exact item!
In fact I think it encourages you to revise!

I am "VENTING" since I am so pissed!
I can't believe Ebay is taking this away from us too!
Us little guys get fee hikes all the time and now we can't even relist!!
I sell a lot of post cards and I NEVER relist the same card on auction. I put unsold items in my store.
So even in a real listing~~we won't be able to revise!!!

I've been working on this issue all night and have tried relisting several times and it happens like this each time.

I relisted my last item just as it was on cheap listing day and it went through saying I would receive an insertion fee refund if my item sells.
So~~THEN I went right to Ebay and revised it thinking I got around this but ~~NO!
I checked my sellers account and they had already given me a refund for the original listing (before I revised) and charged me the fees over saying it was a revised listing!

Has this happened to anyone else?!
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