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OK, I've scrolled down and read *most* of the hateful responses but have a question/comment of my own....LOL...don't we all! *hehehe*

Anyway *pepedog*, I've never exactly done what you're doing as far as starting and then quickly ending the listing so I'm not quite sure if perhaps eBay didn't recognize your listing on their system long enough to be considered a "valid" auction...not sure.

I have however, done this same concept on auctions that ended and relisted them with new, different items and it worked fine...just as long as your starting price is the same, or less. I also do this same "concept" with items in my eBay store. If it sits there for a month or two with no action, I'll REVISE the listing and pull the html and replace it with new html of a totally different item as long as the price amounts were similar....and I've had no issues with doing that.

The only thing I can recommend is to make sure you "keep track" of what listings you "swap out" when doing your relists as I've tried to relist unsold items with new similar items with the same, or less, listing prices and ebay hasn't allowed it....I can only guess the reason for that was because the newly ended item was already a relisted auction.

So, as far as your dilema, I don't have an exact answer, but wanted to mention a few points of my own experiences. And yes, everyone will complain about *this-and-that* and "cheating", heaven forbid....but ya know what, a few years ago I may have been on that "no cheaters" bandwagon, but since FEEbay is grossly monopolistic, greedy and downright sh**ty to their members, I say good luck to whatever you can do while still trying to KEEP that hard-earned money in YOUR own pocket!!

Now with that, I truly do not expect or want to see any hateful comments on me...get a grip folks....we're here to help and offer "constructive" criticism and help, not bash each other on our own personal morals!

I too run a very honest business and offer my buyers deals whenever I can afford to, however, when it comes to FEEbay, they can blow it out if they think they are gonna take any more of my money, I can barely make my bills now!

I've been on FEEbay since '99 and have thousands of feedbacks, both good and bad 'cause we all know you just cannot please everyone, and I used to enjoy it. Now, sadly, it's becoming more like "work" ick...but, when things are going well and I don't dwell on how much FEEbay rips me off, I still have fun doing this.

Good luck to everyone! Big Grin

Kathleen Smile
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