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I dislike what Ebay is doing to us.....but I don't HATE them!
Hate is a strong word and I do feel hateful towards some people I know and I don't feel this way towards Ebay.......but am very frustrated with them.

You are right for being upset when they do things to certain sellers and not to all.

Ebay is NOT like a cop sitting on the highway watching for speeders!
A cop may only be able to catch one car out of a pack of 10 who are all going 85 but Ebay has no excuse to let anyone go on breaking the rules!

I am most upset about the "Fee Avoidance" that has and is being able to carry on by "HIGH Shipping Costs" sellers.

I've written Ebay several times getting back No answer~~No explanation.

I think Ebay should lower all insertion fees and charge a final value fee to shipping charges as well as the cost of the auction.

I think doing this would solve this problem and solve it FAST!
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