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Reply to "Official "Suggestion" on template alignments options"

FYI the forums are being censored also. I specifically remember posting on a recent item.
Removing the post does not make the problem go away...the problem still exists even if the person who posted is blocked, even if the discussion is closed. It is still lurking there someone will take over where one member leaves off. Hiding issues under the rug is not the answer.

Auctiva, if you do not want me on...please tell me?? I sure will not waste my time posting if my input is blocked/ignored/removed and closed? Frankly, there will be another me along the way... someone with nerve and that is passionate about their business will jump in right where one leaves off.

My post was removed (it was NOT x rated) but factual. It insulted NO one and did not use any auctiva staff names, (as we have been previously told NOT to do, but think person who dictated that is no longer around so not sure if that still applies)

AFTER I posted the posting was removed NOT by me and Auctiva closed the discussion. This has happened with some of our members before and auctiva later said they were removed in error...but when removed and discussion blocked...??? Is that an error? Or let's hide this under the rug.

Here is link to original problem:

Please everyone try to list in google with new design editor in chrome?
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