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Reply to "oh geeze - yet another new "disorder""

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Well, you know, everyone's a victim.

Yep, you're right on the money there.

No matter what happens to a person or what havoc one's blamed on the mental disorder of the day/week/month.

I'm definitely tired of it.

I had a bidder several months ago that blamed her excessive bidding on several of my auctions on her ******* bipolar complex. (not my main eBay ID)

Her words..I'm sorry, I can't pay. When I'm in one of my cycles, I buy buy buy..but I can't pay for the items I bid on. I should take my meds but I don't like how they make me feel.

Can you believe that? And they expect me to take a hit for fee's because of their inability to take care of their "disease." I as a seller don't care how your meds make you feel. When you cost me money with fee's AND you bid on my items and won't pay with some lame expect me to be a bleeding heart? This buyer outbid other buyers who could've won the items and paid on time.

Instead what do I get to do.....wait the time allotted to file NPB, then wait some more for the FVC.

Done venting!

Get Real!

Well, I filed nonpaying bidder, bidder, bidder on her. C'mon folks step up to the plate and stop relying on these excuses.
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