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Reply to "Online venting is so therapeutic"

Originally posted by betty122243:
I just have to vent. Hopefully, I am not saying the wrong thing and will not get into legal problems, but----! I purchased a domain name from 2 weeks ago. The lady promised me great customer service, and, that all I had to do was to e-mail her for help. HA!!! I realized that something was wrong--I have e-amiled her 3 times, no replies. Today I spent an hour and half on the phone with a 24 year old customer service person that was very rude and insulting. And, to make it even worse--godaddy does not have an 800 number--only 480 area code numbers--I paid for this rudeness and insults. I still have the problem--he did not solve it. I admit that I am not a computer genius, but, and I didn't mind the $9.20 that I paid for the domain name, but, did I deserve this? I still can't solve the problem either. I am drinking a cup of hot tea to unwind. I just got beat up! I need to be listings, but, I thought that I needed to get the domain name problem solved first. I have no more use for godaddy--maybe some of you do. In fact, some of you may criticize me, but, I will never be beat up as hard as he beat me up--and then he didn't solve the problem. Just be alert to these things!! If I shouldn't have given the company's name, I am very sorry. Now, I feel better!!!

Oh you're fine giving the company's name. Don't worry.

You drink your tea and take many deep breaths.

Here's where I've bought all of my domain names in case you want to dispute the purchase with Godaddy.

I've had great luck with them.

Now, I have heard that the email addresses with GoDaddy are VERY touchy as far as getting your email and such. This information isn't from a message board or heresay..its from actual persons I know. But since I don't have GoDaddy, I can't state one way or another.

I don't have a problem with my email because I have control over the email controls. If you're selling...that's an absolute positive gotta gotta have. Because of sending and receiving email from your customers.

Blessings honey,
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