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Reply to "Other online stores?"

Originally posted by Auctiva David:
One of our plans in the works for the future is to implement true Auctiva Stores that you can use to sell your items directly (as well as your eBay items of course). It will be free too Smile

-- Auctiva David

Please (and this is crucial) use a checkout redirect that takes the buyer to our Auctiva Store to pay for anything purchased via eBay.

Also, a real shopping cart experience, please.

Have you seen the shopping carts available that allows the seller to list a regular price and then states, place item into shopping cart to view sale price? This is a great feature. It gets the buyer to place items in their carts. Once in the cart, they're more likely to buy it.

Newsletter / mailing list capture is important.

Uploads to Froggle / Google Base.

Multiple payment methods (merchant, PP, eChecks, etc).

Security features.

Ability to stock unlimited product.

Control over design options.

Ease of use for both buyer and seller.

I'm soooooooooo damn excited! Keep us posted.

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