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Reply to "Parcel Select -Why can't we put in dimensions when listing?"

This is a very legit issue and needs to be fixed. "Large packages" need dimensions to be able to calculate the postage correctly. This is actually a POSTAL REQUIREMENT.
Auctiva, since they also offer postage labels, should also be very much aware that the size of packages, especially large packages is dependent on not only the weight but also the size.

USPS doesn't charge one flat rate for all weights and sizes...postage is based on weight, size and distance being shipping etc. Large packages can have not only higher rates based on the SIZE of the packages but surcharges based on the SIZE. This info is also posted on the USPS website.

Having to go to eBay to enter the dimensions, which MUST be done to calculate the correct postage on eBay in addition to and after creating the listing in Auctiva is just another unnecessary step.

Listing on Auctiva is suppose to avoid having to keep going into eBay to revise listings so they can be correctly listed.
This issue also has the potential to cost sellers out of pocket money if the postage is not calculated correctly.

This is NOT an eBay issue....we are not required to address this issue with eBay and eBay has nothing to do with what is not on Auctiva's listing form. Ebay can't put it here on Auctiva for us is an Auctiva issue as the ability to enter the dimensions is NOT available on Auctiva where we are creating our listings.
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