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Reply to "Parcel Select -Why can't we put in dimensions when listing?"

While it is great that you added the area for dimensions it is not working as it should.

It is allowing dimensions larger than what USPS accepts for specific methods and it is allowing the listings to be posted over to eBay.
On the eBay side the listings are in error and the shipping is not posting. It defaults to not posting any shipping and telling the buyers that they must contact the seller.
Auctiva's shipping calculator also won't accept dimensions larger than the specified methods either. So this should be a given on the listing page as well.

As sellers we don't necessarily know there is a problem as
1. It should just not accept dimensions larger than the selected methods allow.
Ebay doesn't and wont accept dimensions larger than those acceptable for the selected methods on the eBay listing page. It will not allow the shipping section to be completed or the listing to post until the dimensions meet USPS requirements for the specified method.
The USPS will also not print a label or give a quote if the dimensions are too large for the specified method.
The same holds true for Auctiva's shipping calculator to print labels. It will not allow dimensions larger than what USPS accepts for specified methods.
Everyone of these will post the error but the shipping section of the listing page does not.

2. As far as sellers are concerned, unless they do the math on every package, which most don't as it isn't necessary anywhere else (on eBay or USPS) they think listings are posting correctly because it is allowing larger dimensions than it should on the Auctiva side...and because the listings are posting.
If there is an error in the dimensions for a specific method it should be caught on the Auctiva side prior to posting....actually it should be caught when inputting the shipping information so it can be correct immediately.
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