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Reply to "Payments - Money Movers by Auctiva"

Originally posted by BTPS:
Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff: is no longer in operation. We closed it down after a little more than a year of service in October 2003.

There was just too much fraud involved. It essentially worked the same was as BidPay but with several nice extra features for buyers.

You got to be kidding. You have any idea how many sellers on ebay have a little box that says MY BOX payment accepted by Money Mover from Auctiva in all their ads. lol!


I contacted seller of one of the auctions and he got back with me.

The Auctiva Money Mover Box is in his template and never removed it.

I would safely assume that they haven't had anybody try to pay by hitting the box or they would've known to update their template and take the Money Mover Box out, right?

Sorry to butt in, just wanted an answer because we all know what kinda stink can be made over a seller forgetting to take an item out of his template then everyone will assume that it's Auctiva's fault.

Very nice Seller..and was kind enough to answer me promptly. This particular seller has his ads in his store and has them on 90 day auctions.

All but one of the auctions I noted were in stores and I'm sure those are on long term auction days length. Possibly auto-renewal, too, wouldn't you think?

Easy as pie to figure out!
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