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Reply to "Payments - Money Movers by Auctiva"

Originally posted by wahm922:
Okay, here's my question . . .

eBay does allow the sale of "adult" items but you can NOT accept Paypal for these items. So I'm thinking unless you have your own merchant account you are screwed?

No paypal, no cash, bidpay is gone and stormpay is no longer allowed - what's left?

I highly doubt the peeps wanting a "toy" are gunna be going out to get a money order to pay for it.

Any thoughts?

I have a line on a merchant account..gimme a day or two to get with my source for the info..ok? I've been trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge. It's working well for this person for both her eBay and ecrater. I'm selling from both so I'm considering.

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