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Reply to "Paypal/e-check"

It sounds like they haven't kept any other options on file for you, since you havent used the service in a few years. You'll probably have to add a new credit card (but never delete anything old, that just seems to open up a new can of worms) I believeCredit Cards are also under the Financial header, click and see what (if any) CC you have on file, I don't think they'll let you use an old one.

Are you using the same ebay ID with the same contact information? I would try calling paypal, the couple of times I had to call them they were pretty helpful (unlike emailing them)

1-888-221-1161 (Toll Free for Business/Premier)
1-888-204-4481 (Toll Free for Business/Premier)
1-402-935-7733 (Personal Accounts)
1-402-935-2050 (Personal Accounts)
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