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Reply to "Pet Peeve: When buyers try to force Paypal on me."

I sold for 3 years before taking Paypal. I had a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly beligerent customer that forced my hand. Along with the fact that was when Paypal froze personal accounts to receive any more payments after the allotted $$$ amounts were received for the month.

I added the difference to my auction cost and have never looked back. ALL of my eBay IDs began selling like crazy!!!!

I have very few NPBs now and I have two different Paypal accounts to suit my needs.

I've never bought unless the seller accepted Paypal. (now wasn't that duplicitous? <smile>Wink

Especially with the holidays coming..buyers don't want to have to send checks, money orders and more in the hopes they are received in time. Nor do they want to have a seller hold their merchandise till the payment clears.

Oh I accept Bidpay also...but not much action there in 2 years. Cashola, money orders and personal checks come in the mail..but they only make up about very little of my sales.

Just my two cents,
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