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Reply to "Pet Peeve: When buyers try to force Paypal on me."

So what you're saying that because I add $1.00 to s/handling you would refuse to do business with me?

Priority Shipping $3.85. My shipping (on my other IDs) for that item is $5.00.

I'm picking your brain...not being beligerent. I don't want to paraphrase and lose the meat of the conversation.

I've not had any gripers so I just wondered why $1.15 would upset someone so much to think I'm sticking it to them.

My best friend is an accountant and she said when I asked her years and years ago..Gosh, Donna..don't you pay the flat fee when you buy from or or Do you question whether they are gauging you or not? She states that it's just a normal business cost and ALL businesses need to add in their time because it's valuable even if it's a business run out of their home.

Input? OK?
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