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Reply to "Pet Peeve: When buyers try to force Paypal on me."

So what you're saying that because I add $1.00 to s/handling you would refuse to do business with me?

Priority Shipping $3.85. My shipping (on my other IDs) for that item is $5.00.

Yes, I might, depending on the item.

I'm talking about people who completely cover their fees with shipping, like the memory guys who charge $10 to ship something weighing ONE ONCE. Lets get realistic, that could be shipped for 60 cents, or $1.50 to cover the cost of the padded envelope, or $3.85 in a priority mail envelope.

Yes, I charge some handling myself, but I don't come anywhere near covering my fees. For $3.85 flat rate envelopes I charge $4.00. For $7.70 flat rate boxes I charge $8.00. These are round-ups for simplicity sake. 15 and 30 cents covers nothing. On variable rate items I charge anywhere from 25 to 75 cents extra to cover the costs of the materials used to pack. If I need a big box and can't find one used, I might charge a few extra dollars to cover it, as that's a SHIPPING expense. If I have a big box already but it takes tons of packing materials inside, I may charge a few extra dollars. Again, shipping expense.

I DON'T make the excuse that "you need to pay my time, or my gas, or the time I spend on line". That's BS. Bye bye, I'll buy elsewhere.

So, would I not buy from you with a $1 handling charge? I might not. It depends on the item. Charging $1.15 when you have no out of pocket expenses (the mailing envelope is free), no tape, etc, seems a bit much. As for complainers, you probably would not get any. My decisions are silent, what is the point to gripe to you or to the guy charging $10 for the 1 ounce item?

I've been selling since '96 or '97 (I forget) and I've shipped thousands of items of every concievable size, weight, and configuration. I know what it costs in postage, time, materials, and effort. I won't pay somebody elses fees.
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