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Reply to "Pet Peeve: When buyers try to force Paypal on me."

Ok. That's all I wanted was clarification.

I just bought a hoodie from a U of Bama site for my son..and paid over 10.00 for shipping. <shrug> I didn't mind. I live in FL and there aren't a whole lot of Bama items here. Even at the specialty stores. Mostly FSU, U of F, Miami, USF and U of Central FL. I didn't even stop to think that the item could ship for around $8.00. <shrug> Big Whoop! I'm sure with the extra $2.00 they are making wild plans for a blow out this weekend. <smile> I'm trying to lighten it up..ok?

I bought an outfit from last month..paid $10.00 for shipping. I know for a fact it could've been shipped for cheaper. Did I worry? Nope. It's the cost of a legitemate business working on the internet. There are times I buy from Target when they offer free shipping and even Wal-Mart when they offer free shipping.

Different strokes, different folks.

For the record...I'm not a newbie either..I've been selling since 97 under another ID and 99 and 2000 under 2 other IDs and this ID since 98.

I'm looking to buy a cell phone for my daughter (hers was stolen) the one I have in my watching is 25.00 BUY IT NOW with 60.00 Shipping. <shrug> No biggie to me. It's a good total price and his feedback is decent. What he's guilty of is fee-avoidance but I don't report that..<shrug> It just really doesn't phase me.

And yes, for the record the $5.00 would've been for a Ralph Lauren Tube Dress Long Sleeves. The other persons on eBay were shipping for $8.00. I still sold it.

Man, I wonder how I should spend all of that $1.15 overage. Dinner? Dancing? Diamonds? <smile> I'm joking.

Just pass my auctions on by..that's ok. It's your perogative as a buyer.

Take care, Donna
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