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Reply to "Pet Peeve: When buyers try to force Paypal on me."

Originally posted by swimordie:
Seeing as Ive been a buyer for 4 years or so and just selling for the past month and a half...I know all about paypal.

I try to only buy from someone with paypal. So much quicker and I can usually check my shipment online. Sometimes I go so quick through a listing I actually have to send MO. I did this on Oct 14 and still waiting for my item. Thats why I hate buying without paypal.

Selling...yes I hate the fees but I cover it with my shipping. And you can transfer it to your bank account easily enough. It takes a few days but its only a few buttons to push.

It also helps me manage my selling. I send everything with Deliv Conf and I leave them on there until they have arrived. Then I delete them and add a note on my ebay. It keeps me soo well organized.

My twenty cents Smile


If you don't mind going to the bank, go in and do a 'cash advance' using your PayPal debit card. Then deposit it into your bank account. Besides, getting your money immediately, you will earn 1.5% cash back as well. Smile
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