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Reply to "Pet Peeve: When buyers try to force Paypal on me."

Originally posted by Magie Noire:
Originally posted by Jean:
Hi! Would you go into more detail on your suggestion for "cash advance" using the Paypal card. Doesn't the bank charge you a fee or interest on the advance??? Thanks. Jean

I bank at a couple of different banks and neither one charges a fee. Just go into your bank, hand them your PayPal debit card and ask for a cash advance. They'll have you fill out a slip, they'll go process it and then give you the money. While you wait, fill out your deposit slip or just have the bank clerk deposit it for you. Or take it and go on a wild and crazy shopping spree, lol. It's that simple. I hope this helps, give it a try. Smile

Dude, way to beat the system. You are my new hero!

My paypal debit card is a wonderful, wonderful tool that I love soooo much. It enables me to keep my spending-vs-selling contained and not have it leak over into my credit cards and leave me wondering if I'm actually making money or not. If I can't pay for it with my PP card, I'm not making enough to buy that specific thing to resell, you know?

I also appreciate paypal for the power it gives to me, both as a buyer and seller. That little 'ship' button that pops up next to my payment info in paypal helps me get things out *immediately* to my buyers. As a buyer, I like that my purchases are protected.

As for fees and such being applied to auctions, here is my feeling - I am in central jersey, I could throw a stone and hit three post offices and three branches of my bank. I live in a safe area where I can leave my to-be-shipped boxes out for the mailman without concern. There are some sellers, however, who live in the boondocks, where banks and POs are not easily accessible - and it is for these that I would not find fault with nominal fees.


Charging for generic packing materials is a bit too ambitious for yours truly. I mean, if you're sending something that legitimately *requires* special packaging, I certainly understand. But as for me, I use free boxes and package with extra sunday papers that I pick up late sunday evening from a nearby gas station - they throw out all the ones that don't sell, so I just come by before they physically throw them out and take them off their hands! If I'm mailing something I'm afraid the newsprint might smudge, or that may leak, I pop it in a ziplock bag. I print out my priority shipping labels right off the paypal/usps system, tape them on the box with clear tape, and get free tracking to boot!

A lot of sellers don't know about the free boxes because they hide the program pretty well, but for those of you uninitiated, here is the link: Free Boxes Right Here!! - They will send you, for *literally* absolutely free, priority mail/ebay branded boxes of various sizes, delivered right to your door. You are allowed to order one set of 25 of EACH size EVERY single day. They look very professional and they're FREE! Yay! The only thing I pay for is clear tape :-D

Happy selling everyone - my sincerest best wishes for all your sale margins this holiday season...hehehe!

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