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Reply to "Photo's not enlarging on listings?"

Something you "are still looking into" - so the function has been removed without letting your Auctiva customers know before hand, and you have no replacement, as you are still looking into "the possibility"!!!

I have almost 1 GB of images in my account or 7,415 images as I have been selling on eBay for over 12 years using Auctiva! I am a long term loyal customer. I relied on Auctiva, and particularly the links between the images in the saved listings and the actual images saved in my Auctiva account! I used the link to update images, and to find old designs that I was going to make active again after a period of just being a saved listing.

But how am I supposed to find the images I need now with more than 7000 to trawl through? Previously, I used the link from either the active or saved listings to the images via the super sized image link, and this worked a treat. Now I can't!!!

And as usual, we weren't informed about the change until after it was implemented! We weren't given warning that the super sized image links had to go plenty of time before it happened. for the last few days I have been trying to edit some GTC images without knowing why it didn't work and only today we get the message when we login to Auctiva:

We’re Here to Help You
Comply With eBay’s Link Policy

Its a bit late to help, after the link has been removed without letting us get ready for it first!!!

So is there no way in hell that you can suggest looking for the images needed other than trawling through 7000 images to find the relevant images?
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