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Reply to "Please Check Out My eBay Store...TuNickels Boutique"

Thanks! Good luck with your new store as well. Here's a good tip for you and anyone else that may not know about this when you have a store on eBay.

Use this link below in email signatures, advertising etc (just like I have) to receive a credit from eBay equal to 75% of the standard Final Value Fee!

This is from ebay help on Store Referral Credit.
When you promote your eBay Store or your Store Inventory items from locations outside of eBay, such as other Web sites, emails to buyers, print advertisements, and so forth.

A buyer sees your promotion and goes directly to your eBay Store or one of your Store Inventory items.

The buyer purchases one of your Store Inventory items.

On your monthly invoice, you are charged the regular Final Value Fee, but you also receive a Store Referral Credit. Like the Final Value Fee, the Store Referral Credit is based on the final value of the item. The Store Referral Credit is equal to 75% of the standard Final Value Fee.

Thanks again,

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