PLEASE let us choose to enable the optional eBay Gallery for ourselves!

I try to let global changes roll off my back, but this latest one is just plain bad AND annoying AND it is costing me time.

Here's how I list: after I launch a listing, I select "create a similar listing" and then I just write over it. I only work in one template, so this has been very convenient for me to do.

Now, though, when I remove all the images and add in the ones for the listing, instead of image one automatically loading into the gallery area, I get a pop up screen that tells me that I have enabled Optional Gallery (I haven't. I have disabled it a billion times but it just keeps coming back.), so I have to disable it AND then pick the image to use for gallery, which creates yet another pop up screen.

This is silly,guys. If people think it's a great feature, fine, then let them enable it. But don't make me add steps to undo something I don't even want done.

I've checked my master template: it's unchecked.

I use a previous listing in which it WAS unchecked, but it just checks itself again.

I've sent a help request in, but I want to post here, too, because I'm betting others are frustrated with this decision that we MUST want an optional feature.

Thank you.
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