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Reply to ""Point of No Returns?""

Thanks for reading my article!

Part of the reason I wrote this article is because, as a buyer, I am getting more and more frustrated with sellers who don't take returns. It makes me not want to shop on eBay.

I agree that some sellers must adhere to strict return policies. However, I sell primarily clothing and collectibles and almost never get returns. That is why I encourage people who do not take returns to try taking them and see what happens.

You stated that you have about 5xs as many items listed as I do, and that your sales are comparable. There is a possibility that you would be selling more if your return policy were different. If I suddenly had 3,000 items listed, I would expect my sales to triple or quadruple.

In regard to feedback, my feedback is automated. Up until recently, I had it set to "leave positive feedback when a buyer leaves positive" but since sellers cannot leave negative feedback, I have eBay leave positive feedback as soon as someone pays. As far as I'm concerned, automating feedback is the way to go.

Thanks again for reading, and don't forget to check out my blog, The eBay Life!

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