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Reply to "Poll: One of our epic thread members has come out, should he go back in ?"

Thank you Choo! No need to guess which one I voted for (same one you did)... he's gonna get us for that Eek

When I read this:

"This has caused some distress and consternation amongst other cast members etc."

At first I thought it said distress and constipation Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin which would have fit in just as nicely!

I hope this gets more votes than ninth_wave's poll did, do I see another epic thread starting???

We could start all kinds ofvoting...

Does Taz really wear fuzzy slippers to work?
Do I really do needlepoint? (uh, what's needlepoint??)
Why does Choo use the King's/Queen's English?

Please vote here!

Just having some funSmile
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