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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

OK you lot, you need to build the picture in your heads.....

Harold Smith marries Minnie, and they set off for their honeymoon. Harold unfortunately has a pronounced stutter, and Minnie has something of a nervous twitch, which gets worse when she is excited.

They arrive at their hotel, and proceed to Check In.

'H-H-H-Hello' says Harold, 'w-w-w-we have booked the H-H-H-Honeymoon Suite. I am M-M-M-Mr Smith, and this is M-M-M-Mrs Smith'.

'Welcome' says the clerk, 'and may I offer our congratulations, and wishes that your stay be a happy one? Geoffrey! Please take Mr & Mrs Smith up to the Honeymoon Suite'.

And off they all go.

15 minutes later, the clerk is puzzled that Geoffrey has not re-appeared. 'John! Go up to the Honeymoon Suite, and see what is keeping Geoffrey please'.

And away goes John.

15 minutes later, the clerk is even more puzzled that neither Geoffrey or John have re-appeared. 'Robert! Go up to the Honeymoon Suite, and see what is keeping Geoffrey and John please'.

And away goes Robert.

15 minutes later, the clerk is seriously annoyed that none of the porters have re-appeared. 'What the hell is going on here?' he mutters to himself, 'I'll go up myself!'

The clerk knocks on the door of the Honeymoon Suite. harold answers the door, 'T-T-Thank G-God you're h-h-here' he says, 'c-c-c-come in quick!' Fearing the worst, the clerk rushes in.

There on the bed is Minnie, spreadeagled, stark naked. Geoffrey has one arm pinned down. Likewise, John has the other arm pinned down. Robert has one leg pinned down. The men are sweating profusely, this is hard work!

The other, unfettered leg, is thrashing about wildly, as is Minnie's head.

'Oh my God!' yells the clerk, 'is she having a fit?'

'N-N-N-Never m-m-m-mind t-t-that!' screams Harold, 'g-g-g-grab that leg and p-p-p-pin her d-d-down!'

The clerk does as he is bidden, unsure what is going to happen. He turns to look at Harold, who is now tearing his own clothes off.

Harold leaps on top of Minnie, grabs a firm hold (of what you can make your own minds up), and screams.......

'W-W-W-Whoopee, l-l-l-let h-her g-g-g-go!'
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