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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Ms S..I guess clearing cookies & cache doesn't work for you? (I'm sure you've done that) That was the only thing to get me out of their stupid 'search' test..

Sid--"I'm sure we can think of something for Pete. (something he'll really love us for)"

That opens up a whole realm of possibilities that I'm sure he WON'T love us for Big Grin

Any ideas Miss S? The Darkside Babes should be able to come up with something..

Oh Shirley, BTW..Ebay is all screwed up today. All my sold items are gone (there were about 66 of them) and thank God only one person hasn't paid yet but when I click on 'Waiting for payment for 1 item 'link I get nada...I have to do an advanced search on myself just to get the info for that buyer, gotta send a second invoice. I sure hope it comes back soon. I think you & I are both caught in the middle of the glitches Frown

WoW--1982 views so far!
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