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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Hi Pete,
Merry Cristmas! (I might be drunk so pls excuse any misspellings, I probably wont notice themSmile
Nephew turned 21 at midnite tonite so we of course had to take him out for drinks. (Or as Taz would say, scoops and shants) Had a great time! I just hope I'm not sorry in the morning Frown

OK your age...between 50 & 60? Pretty broad guess huh!! Covering all the bases..I think we're all relatively close in age but who the heck knows about Sid...he's probably 19 Big Grin BTW Sid the Ninth, GREAT plane pic! Love your pics too Miss S! (Is that you & ninth I see hiding in the bushes?? Big Grin

Pete, you can send some of that turkey over my way, you know I can't cook...Yum..Smile
Really sorry everyone is sick tho, what a lousey time for that to happen! You're pretty brave to get the flu shot. I'm a 'needle expert' but I'm scared of shots!

Hope everyone has as good a time tonite as I did.
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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