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Reply to "POLL: the final step before ninth_wave reveals all!"

Hi Ninth,

Really glad to see you back, thought maybe you were sick too but NO you're out having a good time IN THE SUN no doubt Smile

No, the rat thing isn't for a pet snake (I wish it was) I was just so shocked when I went to get some ice and thought, hmmm what's in these baggies..YUCK!! Almost had a heart attack! Our neighborhood is overrun with rats because of SO many illegals living in each household the garbage is just overwhelming. City won't do anything about it...god forbid they "offend" anyone by insisting they abide by housing codes...

Anyway, hubby ran over 2 rats with his car in the alley so he bagged 'em and he's gonna drop them off at our alderman's office.

Does anyone else think this is just wrong to keep them in the freezer next to the food?? (which is already thrown out) *shudder* Big Grin Big Grin

To his credit at least, he tried to keep them frozen outside cos it's been so cold but our Rott kept getting ahold of them anyway.

Just one big EWWWWW from me.........

BTW ninth, baby mice are so cute I could NEVER feed them to a snake ... Big ole' rats however are another story Eek

Anyway, glad you checked in!!
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